Amazon’s Changing Their Payment Policy For E-Books

For all of you self-publishers out there, if you didn’t already get the email from Amazon, then this can be your officially unofficial heads up about Amazon’s payment policy.

For any Kindle Direct Publishing account you have with Amazon, if that account is set up to receive payment via electronic fund transfer (EFT), then you’ll get the money 60 days after the money is earned. In other words, 60 after you a sale of your book!

Previously, for EFT, there was a $10 US threshold. You had to make $10 in royalties before Amazon paid you. No longer. Now, 60 days later, your royalties will be transferred to your account.

There’s some caveat in there about Brazilian publishers, but I ignored that part. Cause, you know, I’m not Brazilian, nor do I reside in Brazil. (I should note that I’m talking about US dollars here.)

And as far as I can tell, there is no change on when Amazon will cut you a check, if you choose to be paid via check. Last time I looked, that threshold was $100.

This is great news for me! It means that 60 days from now, I’ve got an extra cup of coffee coming!


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