“How It Ends: Part 4 – The Choice” Is Now Available!

HIE_Serial_Part_Four_Cover copy

Now Available: How It Ends: Part 4 – The Choice

The final installment of my serial novel, How It Ends, is not out and available.

Have you been following the story of Anita, the beautiful young graduate student trying to break into the cut-throat world of intelligent robot manufacturing? Or of Brian, the smarmy college professor whom Anita is dating? What about Sidney, a brilliant professorial colleague of Brian’s who reluctantly takes Anita on as a research assistant? Don’t forget about Kilgore, a robotic doctor who provides the human characters fascinating insights as to how the “mind” of a robot really works. Is Eric, an executive in the nation’s largest robotics firm, as ruthless as he appears?

And what of Gammons, Eric’s robot assistant who has a special circuit for feeling emotion like a human? He seems obsessed over Anita. Has it finally happened? Has a robot fallen in love with a human?

All these questions are answered in the startling and tragic end of a personal love story told on an epic scale.

All four installments of How It Ends are now available for Kindle from Amazon. Check out How It Ends: Part 1 – The Evaluation from Amazon, and start a journey into the digital mind and heart of a robot who will stop at nothing to win the love of a human woman.


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