“How It Ends” – The Omnibus Edition


Last weekend I quietly published the omnibus e-edition of “How It Ends“. This compiles all four parts into a single edition. I’m not sure why I choose not to announce it until now. I have been updating the covers of the individual “parts” over the last week and half, maybe that’s the reason why.

Head on over to Amazon to check it out. Pick it up now for $3.95 for your Kindle, or, if you have Amazon Prime, you should be able to read it for free.

I’ll have more in the coming weeks about my experiment at serially publishing this novel. Until then, I hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on ““How It Ends” – The Omnibus Edition”

    1. Sort of. I bought the two image, the robot and the girl reflected in his eye, and put them together using an ancient version of Photoshop. Then I just played around with fonts until I found one I liked. This is the first cover I’ve created that I actually liked.

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