Jan 31 Photo

Playing around with the macro lens from Ztylus today. Then monkeying with the picture in Hipstamatic


Jan 30 Photo

  I’m still playing around with the new lens kit from Ztylus. This is a shot with the wide angle lens, taken at the new music hall at the Joy of Music Program (JOMP) in Worcester. The new music hall is absolutely beautiful and the sound is great. The lens is also nice, providing a much better picture than the one I have from CamRah. I may post a review of the lens kit after I get the chance to use it some more, but for now I’m just enjoying playing around. 

Jan 28 Photo

The day before was sunrise. Yesterday was midday clouds. Today is sunset. Tomorrow I’ll focus on something else other than pictures of the sky, I promise. But the sunset was too beautiful not to capture and share tonight. 

Captured with Camera+, cropped in Snapseed, and given the HDR filter in Snapseed, which really makes the picture pop, and makes it closer to how the sunset really looked (at least to me). 

Jan 25 Photo


Sometime a quick shot grabs my eye. This is the set of mailboxes for the condo complex where I live. I had just picked up the mail, it was evening, I was on my way home from work, and the light for the mailboxes against the evening darkness struck me. There was just something about it that had a noir-y feel. Maybe I’m reading and writing too much hard-boiled detective fiction these days. 

Anyway, I took the photo with the native camera app, imported it into Black Cam, gave it a noir feel, and cropped it a little.