Feb 29 Photo

This is a borderline cheat, but that’s just tough. I couldn’t resist. Happy Leap Day. See you in four years. 

Shot with ProCam, made slightly less uninteresting in Snapseed. 


Feb 28 Photo

I didn’t get out much today. It was a “clean the house” kind of day, and I didn’t think pictures of used Swiffer sheets would be all that compelling. So, in lieu of something interesting, it’ll just have to be something pretty. Here’s a picture of the sunset, as seen through the trees outside my front door. 

See you tomorrow. 

Feb 27 Photo


One of the camera apps I really like is Provoke. Provoke was created in collaboration with Glyn Evans, one of the founders of iPhoneography. It was meant to evoke the black and white Japanese photographers of the 1960s. It takes incredibly interesting pictures, with lots of contrast, shadows, and grain. 

Provoke recently got an upgrade that included a couple of color films. There wasn’t much description as to the inspiration behind these color film options, but presumably they are also inspired by vintage films. The picture above is a sample of what one of the new color films looks like. 

The building is the backside of the church that stands in the center of my town. The light hits it in that “just right” way in the afternoon. I snapped this with Provoke and applied no post-processing. WYSIWYG. 

Feb 26 Photo

Here I am, finding more uses for the fisheye lens than I thought. Tonight was the annual Sweetheart Dance at my daughter’s school. Actually, it used to be called the Daddy Daughter Dance, but the school changed it up this year so that moms and sons could attend. This year, it was held in the gym (it had previously been held in the cafeteria) and to capture the full scope of the space, I used the Ztylus fisheye. 

Feb 25 Photo

This beast is sitting idle for now, and that’s okay by me. It’s a front-end loader with a plow attachment hooked onto the bucket. It’s probably seen some use this winter, but so far, knock on wood, we’ve had, what is for New England, a minor amount of snow. So for now, this beast sits, waiting. 

To get the full scope of the plow blade, I used the Zytlus wide angle lens. I then tweaked the look of the picture in Enlight. 

Feb 23 Photo

This view used to include trees. I have some pictures of the space when it was still trees. I walked by it everyday around lunch when I would go out to stretch my legs. Now it’s a construction site. This will be a Hilton Garden Inn when it’s done. Cause that’s just what the world needs…another hotel. Any time I encounter a situation like this, I automatically think of the Lorax. 

Today was an overcast day, with a weak sun poking through the clouds. I took the picture using ProCam, with the Ztylus wide angle lens attachment. I imported the picture into Snapseed, where I applied a couple of filters. The first filter was something called Drama, which can really make a sky pop out at you. The second filter was a black and white contrast filter. I like how ominous the result makes the hotel look.