Mar 31 Photo

The scene of the crime. 


Mar 29 Photo

This is one of the main roads that runs through my town, as well as many others. This was taken in the first town to our north/northwest. 

Yes, I actually stepped in the middle of the street for this picture. No, there were no cars coming. Gives you an idea of how much traffic there isn’t out where I live. 

I really do like the quasi-rural region where I live. 

Mar 26 Photo

I still have all my snow shovel/ice melt stuff right outside my front door. I really want I put it away, but I’m scared too. It’s not April yet. And it’s New England. I don’t want to jinx anything…

Mar 25 Photo

My older daughter is having a sleepover tonight, and during dinner, her friend, referencing her can of seltzer and said “Did you know that if you turn the tab around, it’s meant to hold a straw?”

Wh-wh-what? It is?

I turned the tab around on mine, and damned enough, a straw fits perfectly the top hole in the tab. 

I can’t say that it was a “mind-blown” moment for me. After all, I’m not sure a straw would go all that far in a can of soda or seltzer. The opening in a can isn’t all that wide. But something about the idea of the tab holding a straw in place is kinda awesome and seems to validate the form of the tab with a function. 

My daughter loves the idea. And I quote: “My life has been hacked!”

Nuf said. 

Mar 24 Photo

Playing around with the Ztylus macro lens. This is a close up of a Zebra pen. I’m not sure it’s all that interesting, but what the heck. It’s a picture. I took it today. That counts, right?

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