May 30 Photo

My town hosts an annual 5k run every Memorial Day. I usually run it, but I haven’t been running consistently in at least a year. So this year I was a spectator. A spectator with an iPhone camera and a fish eye lens attachment, that is…


May 24 Photo

I have a thing for clouds. Always have. Sometimes you get into those inane conversations with people about which superpower you would choose if you could have any. For me it’s always a toss-up between flying and invisibility. Flying almost always edges out invisibility. I would love to be able to stretch out my arms and simply take flight. In the meantime, since I can’t, I’ll just put on some Pink Floyd and post this artsy’d up picture of clouds, as seen from the building where I work. 

May 23 Photo

In wandering around Target the other day, I stumbled on this Retro Games end cap. Its got all your favorites repackaged in vintage boxes and packaging. If this isn’t aimed squarely at my generation, I’m not sure what is. So, to keep with the vintage feel, I added some grains and light leaks using Mextures, and then gave it the Polaroid treatment in Polaroid’s own photo app Polamatic. 

May 22 Photo

Today was the annual ballet gala for my daughter’s ballet school. Normally any picture I would take using an iPhone in a darkened theater would come out as a blackened mess. But one number featured the dancers backlit by the white backdrop, making them little more than silhouettes. It made for a pretty awesome shot.