Dec 31 Photo

And with a final shot of the view from our old home, thus ends this year of photos.

It’s been an interesting year in many ways. There’s been a new dog and a new house, among other changes. As far as photos go, it started off strong with a picture per day. Somewhere in the middle of the year the picture per day fell apart and became more of a picture whenever I happened to have time. That’s the thing about deciding to do something every day. It takes time. Even if it’s something as simple as taking a picture with your iPhone, you still have to find time to take the picture, edit it if needed, and post it. And quite honestly, the taking can be the hardest part. Finding something interesting to frame as a photo, something different than all the pictures you’ve taken before, that can be the biggest, not to mention the best challenge.

So, with this picture, I wrap up this year of pictures. I’ll still be taking them and posting them here occasionally. But my primary place will be a public instagram account I’m creating specifically for my photos. No pictures of family, just photos I take that I want to share with you. I hope you’ll drop by and check out a few.


Dec 24 Photo

If you’ve never seen a Christmas pyramid before, or sometimes called a Christmas carousel, then here is your first glance. They’re very cool. It’s essentially a scene, usually nativity, that’s set on a rotating platform. There is a rod that goes up through the pyramid and connects to vanes that sit above the scene. Small candles are placed around the edges and lit, and the heat from them makes the vanes turn, which in turn moves the scene. This one is my father-in-law’s. He’s had it for nearly forty years. But you can get your own if you want to spend the money.