Dec 13 Photo

Santa came to the local paint your own pottery place to say hello to all the kiddies.


Dec 12 Photo

This month is just blowing by. Sorry for not keeping up with a photo per day. Here is one of my daughter’s school. I love how the lines come together in this photo.

Dec 1 Photo

It’s been pretty warm here in New England the last few days, and wet. It poured for two days straight. So when the sun this morning hit the moisture on the ground in forty degree temps, fog ensued.

Nov 30 Photo

I’ve been so caught up in work and packing up a house to move and the holidays that I just haven’t had time to post. I’m trying to get back to a regular daily schedule for the rest of the year. So what better way to start than a creepy photo of a mausoleum?

Nov 6 Photo

Architecture shot from the University of Maryland, College Park. I had the opportunity to return to Maryland for a quick trip this weekend and walked around the campus, albeit briefly. I had forgotten how much brick is used in all of the architecture there.

Nov 3 Photo

It was kind of a moody morning, so I took this and made it even moodier using filters and styles in both the Snapseed and Formulas photo editing apps.

Nov 2 Photo

Exterior shot of the church with the choir room. It’s a big building with a lot of twists and turns. Part of me feels like there’s a ghost story to be written about this place, especially since it’s already supposed to be haunted….

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