Valentine’s Weekend Special: How It Ends

20140629-114004-42004110.jpgHappy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the holiday when we go out of our way to celebrate love.

What better way to celebrate love that reading about a robot that falls in love with a human and the tragic results that follow?

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch. But for this holiday weekend, you’ll find Part One of How It Ends free on Amazon, and starting tomorrow and Monday, you can get the full novel of How It Ends for only $0.99.

For $0.99 you can read about how the end of the world came about. What a bargain, right?


“How It Ends – Part One”: Free Book Promotion (Shameless Marketing)

c45394dc3c76377ad4e38898ed06df782bf09266In honor of NaNoWriMo (okay, not really, but I was trying to figure out how to tie it into what I’ve been blogging about lately), I’m dropping the price of Part One of How It Ends to nothing. That’s right, a big $0.00.

(Yes, I brought one of the serials back, despite the fact that I explained why I took them off here. I reserve the right to change my mind about things.)

Okay, actually, technically speaking, the price for Part One is already $0.00 on B&, Smashwords, and iBooks. But Amazon doesn’t let you price something at $0.00. There are ways around that (I talked about it here) but that hasn’t worked for me yet.


I’ll keep trying to fight the system.

*shakes fist in Amazons direction*

The point is, in the meantime, for the next five days, on Amazon, Part One of my science fiction robot apocalypse love story How It Ends is free. So go pick it up. Why not? What could it hurt? It’s a free book. Who doesn’t like free things?

You do too! Put your hand down!

“How It Ends” – The Omnibus Edition


Last weekend I quietly published the omnibus e-edition of “How It Ends“. This compiles all four parts into a single edition. I’m not sure why I choose not to announce it until now. I have been updating the covers of the individual “parts” over the last week and half, maybe that’s the reason why.

Head on over to Amazon to check it out. Pick it up now for $3.95 for your Kindle, or, if you have Amazon Prime, you should be able to read it for free.

I’ll have more in the coming weeks about my experiment at serially publishing this novel. Until then, I hope you enjoy it.

“How It Ends: Part 4 – The Choice” Is Now Available!

HIE_Serial_Part_Four_Cover copy

Now Available: How It Ends: Part 4 – The Choice

The final installment of my serial novel, How It Ends, is not out and available.

Have you been following the story of Anita, the beautiful young graduate student trying to break into the cut-throat world of intelligent robot manufacturing? Or of Brian, the smarmy college professor whom Anita is dating? What about Sidney, a brilliant professorial colleague of Brian’s who reluctantly takes Anita on as a research assistant? Don’t forget about Kilgore, a robotic doctor who provides the human characters fascinating insights as to how the “mind” of a robot really works. Is Eric, an executive in the nation’s largest robotics firm, as ruthless as he appears?

And what of Gammons, Eric’s robot assistant who has a special circuit for feeling emotion like a human? He seems obsessed over Anita. Has it finally happened? Has a robot fallen in love with a human?

All these questions are answered in the startling and tragic end of a personal love story told on an epic scale.

All four installments of How It Ends are now available for Kindle from Amazon. Check out How It Ends: Part 1 – The Evaluation from Amazon, and start a journey into the digital mind and heart of a robot who will stop at nothing to win the love of a human woman.

“How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available


Now available, How It Ends: Part 3 – the Transformation!

Buy now, and find out what at least ten other people have discovered! Some have even liked it (thanks Mom!)

In all seriousness, Part 3 of my serial novel How It Ends is now available for Kindle. Check it out via the link above. And if you’re just coming to the party, Parts 1 and 2 are also available via Amazon. Click the pictures below to reach then on Amazon.

Plus, starting tomorrow and running through Monday, January 20th, Part 1 will a free ebook. Take How It Ends for a test drive and find out what ten other people have discovered!

HIE_Serial_Part_One_Cover HIE_Serial_Part_Two_Cover

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release

Tomorrow marks the release date of Part Two of my serial novel, “How It Ends”. Subtitled The Plan, it follows the continuing story of Sidney, the university professor who remains shaken after his encounter with Eric; Brian, Sidney’s colleague who is planning to exploit his work relationship with Sidney and personal relationship with Anita to advance his career; Eric, the ruthlessly ambitious corporate executive who is making “arrangements” to deal with a blackmailer; Anita, the brilliant beautiful college student who is trying not to be swept away by the whirlwind around here; and Gammons, Eric’s personal robotic assistant who appears to be falling in love.

You can jump into “How It Ends” risk-free starting tomorrow. I’m dropping the price of Part One, The Evaluation. If you log onto Amazon tomorrow, you’ll find the price of Part One a very reasonable $0.00. But hurry! Amazon sets a limit on the length of time I can drop the price of the book. It will only be free from tomorrow through Veterans Day.

As promised in the title of this post, here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Part Two.